Spiritual Director

Rev. Carolyn Douglas currently serves as the Spiritual Director for CSL Peninsula. She is a graduate of Holmes Institute of Graduate Studies with a Masters of Divinity. She was ordained by the United Church of Religious Science (now Centers for Spiritual Living) in 2005. Before attending ministerial training, Rev. Carolyn completed all requirements and served as a licensed Religious Science Practitioner at the First Church of Religious Science (now Oakland CSL). She served as Assistant Minister at the Firelight Church of Religious Science before she was unanimously elected to become the senior minister.

She brings 21 years of church leadership experience and 27 years of management experience in the federal public service. She holds many degrees including advanced degrees in Metaphysics and Environmental Management. She is engaged in interfaith events sponsored by Association for Global New Thought, World Parliament of Religions, the Affiliated New Thought Alliance, and serves on the Executive Board of the International New Thought Alliance. Most recently she began a charter member of the People of African Descent in New Thought Group, serving on the program and planning committee for the Celebrating Our Soul Conference 2022. Rev. Carolyn is a teacher, workshop facilitator, storyteller, and meditation facilitator. Additionally, she is a co-author with stories in Every Woman Has a Story, Men Too. Spiritual practice is daily practice.

Rev. Carolyn believes in heart-based living and utilizes HeartMath coherence and resilience building techniques as part of spiritual practice. She is a certified HeartMath professional (HMCP). She is an active member of Toastmasters International and has achieved two Distinguished Toastmasters designations.

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