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Rev. Carolyn Douglas

Reverend Carolyn J. Douglas, an ordained minister of Religious Science, is the senior minister and spiritual director at the Center for Spiritual Living, Peninsula in Redwood City, CA. She is a teacher, workshop facilitator, program development consultant, and spiritual coach. Her educational and professional graduate degrees are in natural science, biochemistry, metaphysics, environmental management and divinity through LeMoyne-Owen College, University of Metaphysics, University of San Francisco and Holmes Institute, respectively. She also holds ordination with the International Metaphysical Ministry.

She is a past member of the International Board of Trustees of the United Church of Religious Science (now Centers for Spiritual Living). There she served on the International Youth and Family, Nominating, and By-laws Committees. She currently serves on the Executive Board of the International New Thought Alliance, serving on the By-laws, Policy and Procedures, Events and Congress Committees.

Since 2001, her various ministerial positions include New Perspectives (Spirituality in the Workplace) Ministry, assistant minister, FireLight Science of Mind Center and Church of Religious Science; and senior minister, Illuminata Center for Spiritual Living. She further serves the CSL community as a Regional Support Coordinator in central and northern California.

Rev. Carolyn’s life vision is to show that one can live a prosperous life by way of Spirit. Though having a scientific and spiritual approach to many things, she studies to bring science and spirituality together in our daily lives, recognizing that both demonstrate our connectedness, that all things are interconnected, that there is only one Unity here. And we are all a part of it. She became a licensed practitioner of Religious Science in 1992 and actively began providing pastoral care and spiritual counseling,

She is a member of the HeartMath Institute and is a HeartMath Certified Professional, with a focus on integrating coherence techniques in spiritual practice to build personal resilience and facilitate heart-based, spiritual living. Rev. Carolyn has presented and spoken at International New Thought Alliance Congresses, Center for Spiritual Living’s Summer Conference SOAR, and various level Toastmasters events.

Before retiring from the federal civil service, she worked in both technical and management level positions in service to communities in local, State and Tribal governments to address environmental protections concerns.

phone: (510) 219-2399

Rev. Dr. Allen David Young

Rev. Allen David Young, Assistant Minister, was born, raised and educated in Berkeley, California from grade school through his graduate degrees.  He is a Center for Spiritual Living Living minister, intuitive based counselor, trainer, author and former professor of management science at CSU Hayward.

phone: (510) 843-1299

Rev. Harriette Allen

Rev. Harriet Topczewski

Rev. Harriet began her CSL journey in her hometown of Chicago in 1994.  In Chicago she served on the board, helped coordinate events, assisted in the sound room, along with various other tasks. Her background was in Recreational Therapy with seniors ……. she did not intend to become a minister. But, there was a nudge that kept pointing her in that direction.  In 2001 the nudge won.  She relocated and began her ministerial studies in Fremont, CA.  While in Fremont Rev. Harriet taught Jr. Church, led the woman’s group, Moon Circle, spoke on various Wednesday mid-week services, and lend a hand where ever it was needed.  She also has a certification in Degriefing®, the art of transforming grief.

She continues to work part-time with a private non-profit senior center in Palo Alto, as well as contributes to the life of CSL Peninsula.  Not being totally retired, Rev. Harriet decided to act on another nudge she had for many years and is now dabbling in voice over acting — she knows the knock of Spirit wanting her to express.

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