Heart-Based Living

Heart-Based Living

If you spend any time with our community, you’ll hear us talking about heart-based living.

Heart-based living, sometimes called heart-focused living, is all about following your heart.

In many cases, our mind tends to dictate our understanding, actions, reactions, and decisions, based largely on old learned, handed down response patterns.

Increasingly, people are taking a closer look at what the age-old term “following your heart “means, and more are practicing heart-based living.

The term heart-based living is a simple phrase which suggest that we are including our hearts’ intuitive feeling, along with our minds, when making choices and decisions that shape our life’s direction and happiness. Following your heart is learning to discern the wisdom of your heart feelings and then stepping into it. 

When we are actively living a heart-centered life rather than one dominated by the mind, our health, relationships and productivity are naturally enhanced while our stress levels and other negative patterns and emotions are dramatically reduced.


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