World Prayer Dec 31 at 4:00am (Yawwn!)
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World Prayer Dec 31 at 4:00am (Yawwn!)

Thursday December 31 , 4:00 am 5:00 am

No need to sign on to a computer or access Zoom.  Just wake up and hold the peace of the world in your consciousness for as long as you feel comfortable. And know that others in our Beloved CSLP community will be holding these same prayers with you and  over 500 million people across all 7 continents. The gravitational pull of the earth itself has been measured and changes on Dec 31st when this prayer is done. You do make a difference!

At noon Greenwich time, December 31, 1986, men, women, and children around the world gathered  to participate in the most comprehensive prayer activity in the history– a planetary affirmation of peace, and love, forgiveness and understanding involving millions of people in a simultaneous global mind link. The purpose: to reverse the polarity of the negative force field in the race of mind, achieve a critical mass of spiritual consciousness, and usher in a new era of Peace on Earth.

It was called World Healing Day, the World Instant of Cooperation, World Peace Day— a moment of Oneness to dissolve the sense of separation and return humankind to Godkind. Whatever the term or label, it was the New Beginning in restoring this world to sanity.