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Friday May 21, 2021 , 7:00 pm 9:00 pm

The King of Masks Spiritual Cinema Movie

Center for Spiritual Living Peninsula boldly offers films on subjects uncomfortable for the conventional, fearful for the unenlightened, meaningless for the superficial, but always of great spiritual value! This film can make you rile against sexism, human trafficking, child labor, but the power of love will redeem it.

Come to Spiritual Cinema and watch a movie with a spiritual theme and discuss the movie afterward.

This evening’s movie is The King of Masks.

It’s Magic! It’s Art! It’s tragedy and transformation. The King of Masks is a poignant tale about an aging master of the opera art form bien lian, where silk masks are changed so quickly that it appears to be magic. He searches for an heir to pass down his talents and skills, but tradition dictates that this secret art can only go to a male heir. He buys a child from the black market to become his grandson and apprentice, and a series of bizarre events render the relationship unbearable until love unmasks a power strong enough to defy everything, even death.

Join us for a discussion afterwards.